Who We Are?

Our Mission

The Happy Landings Carriage Driving Group for the Disabled, is affiliated to the Riding for the Diabled Association.  It was started in 1993 by Ann Sheldrake from her home ‘Happy Landings’ in Ifold, for those adults, who could not ride, but still wanted to be involved with horse.
The Group then moved to the Carriage Driving Centre at Dounhurst Farm, near Wisborough Green. We now operate from Tismans near Rudgwick.
Carriages, specially adapted to take wheelchairs, are used.  Every time a disabled driver is taken out we need a small army of helpers to maintain a safe environment – A driver (RDA whip), three helpers on bicycles with two more to load and unload the disabled driver – It is a very labour intensive operation.
The purchase and maintenance of carriages, harness and other equipment is expensive.  The Group owns several ponies who’s expenses include: shoeing, vet, feeding, rugs etc.  We are also very fortunate to have three ponies lent to us by members of the Group.
As you can see funding is a major part of maintaining the group’s activities.  Fund raising is always on-going and support from any source is MOST welcome!
The other major contributor to our on-going activity is our loyal band of helpers.  We always need more!
Anyone, who has Wednesday mornings free, from April to October and can ride a bicycle, is more than welcome to apply to join us.  We have specific training days for helpers.



Our Aims

To give disabled people, who are unable to ride, opportunities:

  • To drive a pony and have fun
  • To meet and make friends with other disabled people, and their helpers
  • To have contact and interact with ponies
  • To compete in friendly competitions, both locally and nationally